• Just saying hi and thinking about you – still loving my closet and trying my best to keep it organized in the way you helped me to do. You have changed my life in so many ways. I have not felt so confident and excited getting dressed in the morning in a very long time. You are amazing! Since you left I have organized my office, kitchen and moving on to my children's closets. I can't thank you enough for all that you have done.

    Seattle, Washington

    Elizabeth has changed my closet, my shopping addiction and my life. I now have a system that enables me to clearly see what I have and where I might need to fill in, rather than the "I see it, I need it" pattern that is so prevalent among us fashion-conscious women. In these economic times, this alone is worth her relatively modest fees. Elizabeth is quick and efficient, no wasted time...and she is a lovely person who has become a trusted friend. I cannot recommend her and her services more enthusiastically and sincerely.

    Los Angeles, California
    Sun Valley, Idaho

  • Thank you so much for everything you have done for me! You are amazing. You have changed my life. I am so excited. You also have gained another admirer - Gregg. He thinks you are absolutely fantastic. Isn't it great to have the husbands cheering for you!!!!! It was so much fun and easy packing this morning. I would love to host a luncheon for you to introduce you to all of my girlfriends.

    Montecito, California

    Elizabeth meets clients where we are in space and time, with all our habits and eccentricities. From there, she moves with us in concert: organizing, deleting, expanding, until the big picture of not just the wardrobe but the living space becomes ours in an energetically new way. My spouse and I benefit from the result of her labors everyday as we enjoy not just finding and using what is ours, in the right amount, but by simply being in this familiar yet transformed home.

    Sun Valley, Idaho

  • At first I didn't think I needed the help of a closet consultant, but after Elizabeth worked with my wife on her wardrobe and I saw the result, I was convinced she could also help me. WOW, what a difference it made. She had me get rid of "stuff" that I hadn't worn for eons, organized all my clothing into related groups and discussed what was appropriate to wear with what. This really has made my life easier. As an added bonus, she was a delight to work with - a breath of fresh air and a delightful personality.

    Carmel, California

    There are good reasons we buy clothes made of the finest materials. Working with Elizabeth is like wearing designer clothing; once she helps you organize and arrange your closet, the space simply looks and feels better.
    Now, I feel like my clothes are being treated the way they should be. They are organized and arranged by colors and types. Two years later, with Elizabeth's help, my closet is still looking and functioning really well.

    Elizabeth's enthusiasm for fashion and her patient suggestions made my time with her very enjoyable. Elizabeth's help was invaluable.

    Sun Valley, Idaho

  • You are missed here! We all miss you, and I am oh-so-grateful to you and my new friendship. Thank you again for all you have done to get me organized. You have a special way of working with people. Can't wait to see you and work with you in November. Many more projects to tackle. Onward! I send you a big hug.

    Point Loma, California

    I went to Jackson Hole for a meeting last week and thought of you. You were right; it was totally easy to get ready for the trip and to unpack as well. Though I haven't been perfect about all the tasks you assigned me, my closets are stellar. I got a hat in Wyoming and it is placed properly at home and I brought multiple scarves back from work and they easily found their home too. I hope you are well. I am now ready for my advanced training.

    San Francisco, CA

  • Elizabeth is a positive, empathetic person with energy and enthusiasm for what she does. She has a good eye and knows how to help people look and feel good. She can give people the confidence to venture out a little from what they usually wear and try something new. All family members have worked with her, including my husband, and think she is terrific!

    San Marino, California

    I hired Elizabeth for assistance with a photo shoot. She helped me shop for special clothing, lined up makeup artist and organized how many outfit changes would be involved. She had great suggestions on the theme and locations for the shoot. The day of the shoot she was ready with her attention to detail to ensure I looked my best and no detail unnoticed. Her background in photography also allowed her to assist the photographer with lighting needs. Elizabeth added her wonderful positive energy and the photo shoot was successful and a blast!

    Sun Valley, Idaho

  • Well you have changed my life! I'm in such a mood to get the house in shape. Thank you so much for your great efforts. And, I can't believe that Fred was so willing. Ahh... the power of women!! You have even inspired Ally to colorize and organize her closet. An amazing feat for a 15 year old. Know that you are making the world a better place "one closet at a time".

    Ketchum, Idaho

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