• I hired Elizabeth to help me organize my decades of chaos. Under the best of circumstances, I can't keep it together. She came in on her white horse and took over. I now have much less clutter, she helped me dispose of all I didn't need and brought order to my castle. Life is good, thanks to Elizabeth.

    Boise, Idaho

    Magic Valley Express has had the privilege of working with Elizabeth on several moves, but specifically on the biggest move that our moving company has accomplished. Elizabeth has proven to be a big help in organizing, planning, and execution. Without Elizabeth our full 4 week move would have taken longer and had been further drawn out. She excels in knowing what is best for her clients and how to make instant decisions to better a greater out come. We appreciate knowing Elizabeth and the great work that can come from her. She works hard, gets the job done in a timely manner, and is very pleasant to be around. We strongly recommend her for any job. She has the know-how and elbow grease to get ANY job done.

    Larry, Ginny, Brant and Corey McCombs

  • I have worked with Elizabeth Briggeman for 8 years. She has helped me organize my clothes, closets and storage units allowing me to edit and downsize all my belongings. This past year, I made a major interstate move, and Elizabeth was my right hand person. She managed the entire move from silverware to major furniture pieces, including four storage units and an 8,000 sq ft house. Her organizational concepts and skills are superb. Elizabeth coordinated all details related to the move including donations, shipments of articles, and preparing items for the move. She photographed and cataloged all my possessions allowing us to easily track, identify and allocate into the home and storage units. She also helped find buyers for articles I no longer wanted. At the final destination she unpacked and oversaw the placement of everything. Every last detail was completed seamlessly and made to seem effortless. I would unequivocally recommend Elizabeth for your organizing and moving needs.

    Glen Ellen, CA

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